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Recent Movies and Books


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Most recent movies and books I've read and what i thought of them.

Movie Reviews

Dare Devil

It was ok, not the best movie in the world. But an okay story and good special effects. I saw it with Stacey, Cliff and Jonathan the first weekend they came down.

Book Reviews

Shelters of Stone - Jean Auel

I'm an obsessive Earth's Children fan. And this book was really good and had a lot of what I had been waiting for: Jondalar and Ayla getting mated, their baby, Whinney's baby. But I was also pretty disapointed with some of it. It went on and on about things like Firestones and seemed to take place within such a short period of time, not even a year. The first day lasted 130 some-odd pages. It didn't have a lot to it, but I'm happy for now until the next one comes out. BTW, note to Jean Auel... Jondayla? Gray? come on, can we be a little more creative?