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Shing Online
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Welcome to the web site of Shing!

Well this is it. You're here. I suppose you want to know something about me. What are my hobbies? What kinda weirdo am I? WTF is with the name Shing? Why am I in a constant search for Coconut Yoohoos?

If you're really brave and looking for more, I have an online journal that I update fairly often, so check that out:

Shing's Online Journal

Or if you want to see some of my artwork visit my gallery:

Shing's Art Gallery

So feel to look around. And don't forget your towel!


What's New?

4-21-03 Updated Bio, Obsessions and added a Recent Events section.

11-2-02 Updated obsessions, Pictures, Bio, practically everything.

7-7-02 After a long period of time I finally update again. I changed practically everything. So enjoy. =)

12-31-01 Little bit of updating: New movie review, new drawing, new IM post.

11-21-01 Site is created.

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