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Some of my drawings and writing that I'm particularly fond of right now.

On The Coast

On the coast
of a churning sea,
I stand
On a wet sanded beach,
With the soggy seaweed,
And broken seashells,
The savagly sharp rocks,
The waves' angry crashes.
At the mouth of the ghost sea
A storm brews
Far out on the horizon,
Bringing the waves raging among the rocks.
I'm content
With the approaching storm,
Its arrival
Welcomed by a desolate beach.
The ferocious waves,
Among the jagged stones,
Bring spirits of the sea.
Content here
With the scent of rain to be,
The gray of the sky,
Outlining the dark water,
With the roar of the waves,
Behind a minature mountain,
To the space
Where the spray of the foam
Washes over the rocks.